Kengyeles Lehúzó

72,591 Ft127,331 Ft

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  • material: body from premium flex plus carbon steel, arm from premium chrome vanadium steel
  • Surface finish of screws: burnished, other parts are chrome-plated
  • The separator puller is a tool designed to efficiently dismount various machine parts attached to shafts.
  • It is indispensable for tasks requiring the safe and deformation-free dismounting of firmly fixed machine parts.
  • Our product range includes three sizes of pullers used for taking off objects from shafts. They range from ⌀5mm to ⌀115mm.


  • The separator puller consists of a yoke, a spindle, two arms and a gripper assembly, which together allow uniform dismounting.
  • The separator puller is designed to allow easy and safe operation