Főtengelyvédő Sapka

1,008 Ft2,046 Ft

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  • material: premium plus carbon steel
  • surface finish: blacken to standard DIN 50938
  • M12x1,25 (it is part of puller M24x1,5)
  • D12mm (it is part of puller M26x1)
  • M14x1,25 (it is part of puller M28x1)
  • M16x1,5 (it is part of puller M38x1,5)


  • enables protection of the drive shaft by pulling flywheel


  • The protector caps are screwed onto the motor’s crankshaft and protect the crankshaft when the magnet is being removed. The protector caps are used when relatively small nuts are used to secure the magnet to the crankshaft. It is especially important to use the protector caps on engines where the lubrication system for lubricating the end bearings runs through the centre of the crankshaft (hollow crankshafts).