Pre-Set Torque Wrenches For Cars

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  • material: premium chrome vanadium steel
  • guaranteed to meet ISO 6789, ANSI 107.14M and U.S. Fed GGG-W-686D
  • torque is preset
  • easy to use and calibrate
  • factory calibrated for accuracy to within +/-4%


  • Do not use torque wrench for untightening!
  • Torque tightens only in the direction showed on the key sticker! Sticker shows the proper direction of tightening!
  • The default calibration interval of the torque wrench is 12 months or 5.000 measurements from the date of end user purchase.
  • When the requested torque is reached, please do not tight any more.
  • Torque wrench can be damaged, if manual instructions are not considered.